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We understand the hustle, bustle and struggle when it comes to maintaining the perfect work-life balance while being a socially present friend, sister, mother, daughter, colleague, overall kind-hearted human being and making time to take care of yourself.

No worries. We’ve got you covered. Check out our latest updates and life hacks on the newest trends from event planning to décor, gifts and even some well deserved self-love secrets! As the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup, so grab that coffee and get your daily dose of “me-time”, you can thank us later!

Introducing Pop-Up Events

Over the past few years the event industry in South Africa has seen some rapid changes, evolving from traditional ‘the-bigger-the-better’ ways of celebrating into more intimate, exclusive and authentic celebrations across both social and corporate event planning.


f you don’t already have a small area in your home for your child to sit and do some work or crafts, you may need to consider setting up a station for them with these following tips and ideas in mind…

Voeg bietjie persoonlikheid by jou tuiste

Almal is lief om hul huis met mooi goedjies te versier en ons by Mooi Leefstyl wil graag ons lesers bekend maak met Swagger Collective en die produkte en dienste wat hul bied.


Let’s talk about two new ‘trends’ that we are all over at the moment. Not that we really want to call them trends, because we honestly don’t think these design elements are going away any time soon.



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COVID-19: The Uninvited Guest

Not too long ago, nearly every bride-to-be were spending countless hours creating the perfect Pinterest board for every detail of your perfect day, from the wedding reception, to party favors, photobooths and every other latest and greatest wedding trend.